So many more wonderful pieces. Consider my imagination ignited!

A very heart warming rendition of Whöresof and Slütsof reunited by Wang Fire

Michael Kroissmayr writes "The first poster for Legends Of Stagram by Peter Jackson was just released on IMDb! So stocked for this. I heard Andy Serkis will play Slütsof." Here we come hollywood!

An anonymous user sent in this concept art for a Slütsof video game! Whatta ya say EA, Bungie, Notch? 

Micheal Cohen writes "Here is a picture of Slütsof being presented the Button of Stâgram (many say the the Best Button in Stâgram) by Sadam, the cyclops who calls Cyclops Cave home." Is Slütsof wearing a do-rag?
Here's a littel doodle from Doomed Jannisay, Slütsof is real sassy in this one.